Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rain, Dead Jellyfish, Stromboli, a.k.a. The Usual

I'm writing this from my uncle Ron's super plush leather recliner (it slides too). We've enjoyed the last few days in North Carolina doing nothing but eating and drinking, mostly eating. We left Kentucky almost a week ago, reluctantly I might add. On our last climbing day, I finished off my "easy" project BOHICA .13b and headed to Kaleidoscope .13c, only to fall on the finishing move and taking a HUGE fall. It was heart breaking but not as heart breaking as the weather. We spent the early part of the week in Raleigh with Lindsay's brother and his family. We had a blast being reintroduced television, central heating, and carpet. Thu, Vance's wife, cooked us some amazing meals while our nieces, Vivian and Natalie, reminded us how weird we are and helped us regain some sense of modern society.

Yesterday and today found us further south in Sunset Beach at my aunt and uncle's place right near the beach. We packed in a ton of firsts today including the ocean, dead sharks and jellyfish, a live alligator, a cheap beach store, and a huge Stromboli feed tonight for dinner. Tomorrow, we'll hook back up to "Gwendoline the Ivory Palace" (aka the Scamp) and point her west to Chattanooga and hopefully, dry rock. The rain has continued to follow us and it's giving us a serious case of the piss-offs. The extended forecast is looking good for the next couple of weeks before we head to Costa Rica. With any luck we'll enjoy our final weeks of rope climbing in the sun with nice crispy temps. Or we may muck it out in the rain, either way we're climbing!

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