Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Job?

Lots of people are always asking us why we're not traveling more and why we weren't out climbing yesterday at noon.  It sucks, we'd MUCH rather be doing these things that sound a lot less stressful and frankly more fun than what we were actually doing... working.  Hey, it's gotta happen, we all get it.  That being said, my job is actually not that bad.  I get to hang out with friends and work on/ make/ play with climbing gear and holds, all day long.  SO, in honor of my gainful employment, I thought I'd do a quick post with some fun photos detailing some of the inner workings of a climbing hold/ crash pad company.
2010 style .22 Revolution Chalk Bag
Piping hot batch of Fossil holds
Special tweak holds for the Spot
Tweaked Jabba... TUFA!
A small order of Pusher C-bags
Photoshop Ghost Hands on the Jug Huge
One of a kind Pusher holds
Pusher C-Bags

Carlo & Clark pretending to work, Johnny making it happen 
My second favorite Pusher monster

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