Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

SO! Yeah yeah I know I haven't kept this posting up but holy schmidt have we been busy! We're all moved in down here in Salt Lake, it's been a rough move to say the least. I came down with a wicked case of the stomach flu that's still lingering. That made the drive and lifting heavy boxes less than fun. Our place is pretty darn cute, good little spaces and nice lighting make it very cozy. On the down side our toilet started bubbling and the shower filled back up with gray water, the first day we moved in....curious? After a week plus of plumbers, roto-rooters, crawling in the dank and nasty crawl space, we've come to determine that the sewer was installed at the wrong grade and the gravity flow pulls our waste water back to the house. It's a shitty deal (pun very much intended).
There's a crew of guys working on cleaning everything out right now but it's hard to say what the final outcome will be. Hopefully we can do a load of laundry and flush the toilet in the same day, that'd be super! Aside from that we've been moving stuff in, cleaning, arranging, organizing, and marveling at all the cool stuff we totally forgot we had. We've been to the climbing gym once, it's an amazing facility, state of the art as far as gyms go. Climbing outside has had to take the back seat due to rain every day since we got here. Not just little Rocky Mountain thunder showers either, I'm talking like 40 days and 40 nights kind of biblical rain. We had dinner at our friends house up at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon last night and as we were driving on the interstate, people were pulling over the rain was coming down so hard. The wipers couldn't keep up and people were hydroplaning on the freeway, scary business.
So tonight we're going out for Lindsays birthday, just a romantic evening for the two of us, then it's more job hunting and interviews.
So feel free to swing by if you're in the neighborhood, we've got the spare bedroom up and running, and from the sounds of it the plumbing is starting to shape up as we speak. If it ever stops raining, we'll get outside and take some pics of our new home crags. Until then....