Saturday, January 15, 2011

How We Spend Our Winter Days

Well it's almost the end of January and neither Lindsay or I have climbed outside once in 2011.  A few years ago I would have absolutely lost my mind at the mere thought of this scenario; however, at this point in our lives there are responsibilities and activities that fill the gaps between the good weather and feral psych.  Both of us have been working a lot, like... a lot a lot.  I can't stress enough how much we've been working.  Lindsay has been short staffed and consequently has had to pick up a lot of slack until they can resolve some staffing issues.  All of us at Revolution and Pusher have been busily trying to finish a massive order we're shipping to Japan, hundreds and hundreds of climbing holds and hundreds of crash pads.

We've taken some nice long weekends to visit our families in Cody WY and Colgate WI.  Luckily we've also had the Front Climbing Club and a nice new little woodie like wall called the Crimp Shrine.  The goal is to accrue maximum power for our upcoming March trip to Bishop California.  A tedious process (building a sturdy power base) but one that in the past has proven worthwhile.  We're mostly psyched to spend the majority of our Bishop trip with a solid crew comprised of friends from Wyoming, California, and the open road!  Lindsay hooked us up with a super sweet Canon T2i which thus far has taken amazing photos and is promised to shoot killer HD video (as long as I don't screw up holding the camera).  Hopefully we'll have some good footage to share.  Until then, here's the footage from 2011..