Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bad Weather

We're cowering back in the camper right now, we tried to climb today but DAMN was it cold! We are still in Kentucky at the moment, though we fled to Tennessee for a few days at the beginning of the week. It was gorgeous down there, sunny, warm, new routes! As we were sitting around eating dinner, our friend Bentley looked at his fancy phone and told us that the weather was clearing in Kentucky and that it looked good for a few days. We pondered over a drink or two what might be the best option. We packed up and came back up north. This morning, at 7:00 the sun was shining brightly and I couldn't help but think "alright, we made a good decision." I shouldn't have spoken so soon. True to form it hasn't rained or snowed on us like it did this past weekend, but the high today was 30 degrees. Now 30 and sun is fine, sure it's a bit chilly at the belay but it's do-able. Today however, was not 30 and sun, it was 30 and sun-for-five-minutes-then-clouds-then-a-peek-of-sun-then-nothing-but-clouds....then some wind. The route I'm trying to finish up is well within my abilities, I've one hung it twice now after only five tries. The crux hold is a shallow, sloping pocket that must be taken just so in order to do the next move. If taken correctly, the move doesn't feel hard at all, just another link in the chain. But if the pocket is taken poorly or incorrectly, well then, the following move is totally hit or miss. Today if felt great, up until the sun went away and the rock got downright frigid. I took the pocket quickly due to the numbness in my hand, didn't get it quite right, and fell mid move again. Drat. If anyone reading this has any warm weather, even just a degree or two, that you aren't using, could you send it here a.s.a.p.? The whole of the Red River Gorge would thank you greatly! I have to go soak my hands in boiling water now....until next time....

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wyclimber said...

Bummer on the cold Red temps, we may have a few to spare but I need them back on Saturday, we are exploring a great new area on the back of Cedar.
Good temps and great climbing