Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeling the Fall

The Hoop
Where to begin, where to begin.  SO much has happened since the last post about Bishop!  Aside from the nasty wet spring we had, we got a lot of climbing in, but the majority of our summer has been taken up with our new home.  We bought a house just south of Liberty Park here in SLC and we're loving it aside from all those hundreds of chores and projects that come along with owning a home.  When we're not climbing, eating, and working, we're repairing gutters, fixing fences, patching paint jobs and deciding which rope rug looks best where.  It's been awesome but within the last week, the temperatures have dropped below the 90 degree mark and have swung into the low 80's.... we're feeling the first days of what we're sure will be an amazing fall.  Aside from a few trips to Hoop Lake we've been suffering through the heat in American Fork.  Lindsay is dangerously close to ticking off her first .13d called Body Count while I've been biding my time for some potential new routes by finishing off some of the classic, easier 13's like Burning.  With the temps now cooperating, sending in the near future is imminent and we're excited to spend the fall checking out some new walls and climbing on amazing variety of rock the Wahsatch Front has to offer.

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