Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sun, Fun, & Wild Donkeys

If there are climbing gods then they certainly have smiled upon Lindsay and I for our fall trip to Las Vegas and Red Rocks.  The weather for the past week has been absolutely gorgeous, sunny every day with good crisp temps, perfect for the little sandstone crimpers of the Calico Hills!  Thus far we've been able to enjoy a few meals out at "fancy" restaurants, playing dress up in the big city, and of course loads of climbing.  We've spent a good chunk of time in the Front Corridor and yesterday I was able to finish off the mega-classic Monster Skank 13b.  Let it be said that this route is definitely in the top three for best routes I've EVER done, I don't know if I've ever had so much fun climbing up a wall of rock!  I fell punching for the chains on my second go but that's not all bad since I got to go up it one more time in what Lindsay tells me was flawless style... such an amazing feeling!  

Speaking of Lindsay, she's making HUGE progress on Monster Skank as well.  If you've ever seen the route or climbed on it you know that's a big deal for a 5'4" climber.  Needless to say she's super psyched to see if she can't do it this trip, it'd definitely be a big milestone for her climbing.  We're headed to the Secret 13 today to try our hand at onsight/flashing a new classic called Ambushed 13a.  This is day four on out of five but we're too psyched to sit around and wait to feel "fresh".  Who needs fresh when you have psych!  Until the recap, enjoy the photos... oh yeah, I finally got a picture of a wild donkey, how exciting!

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Jonathan Siegrist said...

I LOVE THE DONKEY PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I miss your dogs. good thing we'll be there in Jan!