Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a dreary day here in the SLC, truly a dreary day.  We've been sucking in the soupy haze for a month now from the ever-steady inversion that just won't seem to leave.  With the SCS Nationals coming up next weekend and hoards of climbers rolling into town for the comp and winter Outdoor Retailer market, it's been hard not to get psyched on climbing.  I've taken the last month off, resting a tweaked finger and trying to get 100% healthy for a killer 2010 climbing year.  My finger injury is a bit of a mystery, it's not a pulley, it's not the tendon, it's not the joint capsule, it's not my baby soft skin.  Frankly we have no idea what it is.  One Move Too Many couldn't describe it accurately and no online literature helps either.  It may be a cyst or it may be old age (big 3-0 coming up, yikes!) but it's not getting better and it's not getting worse so to hell with it, I'm climbing!

About a month ago I saw a picture online of an amazing looking new cave in southern Utah.  I didn't copy the image from the website, I figured I could go back and daydream while looking at it.  It has since been deleted and there are rumors floating around about this stellar new area that is going to be the next big thing.  "...the wheels on the bus go round and round..."  It's staying in the high forties and fifties in St. George these days, damn good temps for route climbing if you ask me.  We each received brand spankin new harnesses for Christmas and I'm super psyched to take it for a test flight.  It's tricky staying motivated when the weather is crappy and the gyms are crowded.  We're pretty lucky to have two of the finest facilities in the nation to train at, bouldering at the Front, and getting pumped at Momentum.  With all this talk of new limestone and the days getting longer/ temps getting warmer, it's starting to seem worth it to battle the gumbies and get into the gym regularly.

Now, if we can just get motivated to deal with the "urban haze"...


Mom said...

I'm 100% positive your finger problem is not due to old age! Oh, to be 30 again! Maybe climbing would be the best thing for it - - worth a try! Have fun in St. George if you go, and say "hi" to Laurie and Dewey for us. Love you guys!

wyclimber said...

Now Leif, I know you have overcome finger adversity that would make any climber cringe. This can't be that bad. Ease back into it son and maybe we'll both have our best season ever. Love to hook up with you guys some time in 010 for some Limestone Tuggin'. I got a new harness from Santa too! Psyched!

Papa Sneeg