Friday, October 2, 2009

Autumn is here!

I'm writing this with the heater kickin, the coffee is HOT, and the sun is just starting to poke out and warm up our chilly 38 degree morning...Fall is here! This week we've finally been blessed with some moisture and cooler temps, no more high 80's folks. Dipping into the 30's at night and only reaching the high 60's during the day, climbing, working, just things in general have a better feel to them. We're gearing up for another weekend of climbing and video watching, hoping the precip. levels don't exceed our grip capacity.

We kicked off this week with our friends Jenny and Collin swinging through town to visit us on their way home to Portland. With Little Cottonwood Canyon finally coming into early season, we headed upstream to check out some of the most solid granite I've ever touched. It wasn't the most successful day as it was still in the 80's but we had so much fun! We did manage to tick off some classics like Twisted, Dan's Problem a.k.a The Double Dyno, and The Dean Problem. After showering and babying our tips with Climb-On and beer, we cleaned up and headed to the Salt Lake premier of the The Reel Rock Tour. One word...amazing! Some of the best climbing films I've seen in a long time. Mostly due to the fact that there isn't much footage of climbers "getting rad" and showing how bad ass they are. Sender Films two installments were super grounded and the footage of Alex Honnold soloing Moonlight Buttress and Half Dome is absolutely jaw dropping. Big Up Productions didn't disappoint either with they're new film Progression. As always they're footage is top notch and the vid covers the broad spectrum from the top Euro comp circuit to gritstone death routes. All in all, one of the best climb video nights in a long time.
Today we head back to American Fork to try our projects. Lindsay is dangerously close on White Noise (an old Mike Call route, an epic battle up micro crimps, unrelenting to the anchors), and I have moved on to the mega classic Body Count. Both routes requiring sub 70 degree temps due to the slopey and crimpy nature of they're respective holds. Good luck to everyone this weekend on all "redpoint" endeavors, both climbing related and non-climbing related...Fall is HERE!


Joel said...

Electric Nachos?
Radioactive Drumstick?
I've seen your house, higher up in the canyon.

Leslie said...

Wippets!!! Hey we miss you two Whenever we see a scamp being towed by are car similar to yours, were like "The wippets are here!!". haha. Sounds like you guys are doing well, which is awesome. We send big hugs your way from Canada. Remember you always have a place to stay if you wanna come check out Lion's Head in the summer...take care guys!

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