Monday, May 11, 2009

Wii, Weather, & Whining

The title says it all!  Since we've arrived in Lander, home of 300+ sun-days a year, we've numbed out ever time at the crag.  Technically it's spring time here, but it's a Wyoming spring which means it can still snow sideways even when the sun is out.  To remedy this ongoing problem, we've been playing a lot of golf and Wii.  Wii Golf to be exact.  Let it be known that Lindsay and I ARE the Tiger Woods of the Wii!  This is all fun and good and helps us pass the time, but it does NOT make us stronger and help us send hard routes.  
Lindsay is upsettingly close on her route The Successor .13b, all she needs is a warm day to not numb out and she's in there.  I've been piecing together an old project of mine, Busload of Faith .14a and it's coming together nicely, again it'd be nice to have feeling while climbing it.  We're heading up there again today to meet an old friend and take some pictures.  If things do not go well, we will sell all our climbing and golf gear and take up cod fishing in the north Atlantic because I bet that's less frustrating.  I hope.
We're here for two more weeks and then it's SLC all the way baby!  We have to make a trip up to Cody and see my pops, reclaim my vehicle from the clutches of storage, and make sure the old man's hot tub is still in working order.  Let's all just hope the weather improves and then you can read a blog where it's sunshine and roses and happy things!

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