Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roundtrip Yo!

This post comes hot off the press from Folklore coffee in downtown Lander WY.  We signed a lease on a great little place near Liberty Park in SLC.  We move in June 1st and I speak for us both when I say it was a huge sigh of relief to find a place we really like so quickly.  One less thing to worry about!  The weather here in Landiego isn't amazing, winter is lingering and spring is having a tough time punching through.  We hung draws on our projects and they felt good, really good.  With any luck we'll have a few days of great weather coming up and we can finish off those dragons! 
We'll have to make at least one trip to SLC yet within the month before we move down to interview for our new jobs!  I'm courting a climbing hold company called ETCH.  They make great holds and it's the kind of job I'd be really psyched on, working with my hands making climbing gear, does it get any better?  Lindsay has two very hot irons in the fire, one at a teaching hospital and the other at a regional hospital north of the city.  One is more or less a for sure deal and the other is coming along nicely.  Needless to say we're dangerously close to checking off another box on the "moving" to do list. 
If you scroll down and check out the videos in the right hand column, the second one down from the top (should be labeled The Dude Ranch) is the video we shot this winter down in Hueco.  Sorry about the potty language but this sport evokes some serious emotions sometimes, plus we were trying hard!  So put it on your calendars, June 1 in Salt Lake.  We'll have a spare room for any passers by.  All are welcome.  

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