Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dizziness in the City...

Driving around Salt Lake looking for houses has made Lin and myself perpetually nauseous.  We drive as slow as we can without impeding traffic too much, and whip our heads from left to right looking for the little red "For Rent" signs posted in yards and windows.  Two days of this nonsense has led us to sore necks and queasy tummies.  Yesterday we found a KILLER place in the area known as Liberty Park.  It's got a great back yard for the boys, two car garage and lots of off street parking, enough space for the two of us as well as a quaint little upstairs for guests.  We filled out the application in the rain and gave it right back to the guy!  If any of you know Dan the owner (he's a school teacher who's moving to Seattle with his wife and his Prius), tell him to rent to us because we're good looking and our dogs are faster than most senior drivers :).

Now being smart adults, we're still looking for a sweet little casa to call our own but with any luck, we'll be able to procure this place and that will be that.  To back up just a bit, we left St. George on Friday morning after a month of great times.  True, we struggled with the weather but hell, it's not like that's anything new on this trip.  In fact, if we had good weather at any point I'd be pretty damned shocked.  We had some good days though, especially towards the end of our time there.  BJ came down a few weeks ago and we raged at the Cathedral for the most part.  Each of us sending at least one route of notable "project" grade.  Lindsay shown through as usual sending most likely her hardest route to date.  Resurrection .13b is STIFF in the grade and through many cold days and numb fingers she persevered each day gaining a new high point until success.  Pure Poetry.  BJ while making very speedy progress on Joe Kinders new 5.14 Unforgivable made a quick, second go ascent of The Cross .13c.  Strong.  Myself, I tried to stay under the radar but managed to struggle through a mean little power endurance number called Treebeard .13c.  

We golfed quite a few days towards the end due to the 90 degree temps.  We all shot some of the best golf of our lives at the swanky little municipal courses in and around St. George.  We can't be sure but it may seriously affect our climbing game.  I highly recommend the southern Utah region to anyone wanting warm weather and beautiful scenery.  It's not hard to climb and golf well when you're in an amazing setting, like Hollywood trucked in a sweet backdrop for whatever you're doing!  I must mention, after nearly ten years of searching and near misses, I got to ride go carts on a rest day!  Ever since watching Three Weeks and a Day (climbing film) I wanted to spend a rest day zipping around a 30 foot long track in a gas powered beast named Flashy Fun #27.  It was bliss.  Our good friends Vance and Jen came down to visit some family and we were able to hang out for a day go-carting and laser tagging.  My hands are sweating just thinking about it.  

Next stop, Lander WY.  We'll see if these past seven months have made us any stronger for our long standing projects at home.  Enjoy the new pics.  Adios.

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