Monday, February 16, 2009

My Bionic Wife

We have arrived. Okay, our strength has arrived. Alright alright, Lindsay's strength has arrived. We've been getting out regularly, day on day off, and Lin has been slowly destroying everything she gets on. Everything she's tried she's done in a day, ten goes or less. Yesterday she did her first confirmed V9 with a quick tick of Kim with a Bathtub in her head. She fell on the last move of the flash attempt at Ultramega V8 (doing it quickly on her second go). And as a quick warm up she flashed Hector in a blender V7. A standout day to be sure!
It feels good to finally have good skin and strong muscles. It looks like we'll be here through the first bit of March as the weather further north is just not that warm yet. We're excited at the prospect of having more time to project harder climbs. We've also decided on Salt Lake as our destination for relocation. It boils down to job opportunities, housing opportunities, and a centralized location to lots of climbing. In the meantime, I've been playing around with our movie maker program and the new video is my first attempt at a future career in Hollywood. Enjoy.

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wyclimber said...

Glad you guys finally are feeling the crush! But what Movies?