Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting Ready

Hello and welcome to Lin and I's blog spot. We're trying this out so that we can keep everyone updated on where we're at and what we're doing. Check back often for updates on current and future destinations. To get things started, we rocked BJ and Emily's wedding this weekend, had a BLAST! Today it's rainy, kinda gloomy, overcast, perfect...fall's in the air! On the agenda today is our final packing, getting the camper set up just so, double checking we have enough gear and decks of cards. Tomorrow we head east, most likely to Devils Tower to plug some gear. A day or two there at most, Dad may come over and hang out for a bit which would be awesome. We are so excited to finally be on the open road. We'll try and post as often as possible, a.k.a. wherever we get a wireless signal (can you still park in Holiday Inn lots and get service)? We'll see you soon... Adios!


Anonymous said...

take care and be safe.
congrads on the wedding
we had ours this year too.
i look forward to hearing about your adventures.
plus, learn to be a trade master!!!

piz : )

ryanendres said...

From one UWL alum to another. Congrats and live life to the fullest!

Carrie Barber said...

AHH! You two are just the coolest climbers I know... I wish I was along for your road trip.. :) I am so happy for you guys!! :) Have a great time and if you come to Rifle CALL ME!!! And you can stay with me in GJ if you would like to? :) 871 2405 you know the first part.... :)